Born a Crime - by Trevor Noah

Inspiring, insightful, humbling, and laugh-out-loud funny. Trevor’s journey is nothing short of miraculous, making it from the slums of South Africa to international fame. It’s hard to believe that the person I’ve seen on TV so many times is the same person referred to in this book. There we were many elements of this book that I could relate to personally (to a much lesser degree, of course). Strangely light and heavy at the same time.

Raw Notes

Sex illegal in apartheid.

Be a chameleon - use language to mirror

People say to follow your dreams, but people can only dream what they can imagine. What is possible goes far beyond what most people can imagine.

Forget past traumas. Don’t forget it happened, but don’t let the pain stop you from trying something new.

The greatest gift you can give a person is choosing them (trusting them?)

Relationships aren’t interviews. They come from the silence between the words- in the empty space, you come to know a person. That is what apartheid stole from us- time.

Being an insider as an outsider is easier than being and outsider in your in-group. People will accept assimilation, but a group will never forgive your departure.

His mom used to say: Women need to be acknowledged and noticed. You are having sex with a woman in her mind more than in her vagina. Foreplay begins during the day (aka treat your woman like you love her all the time).

Regret the things I didn’t do, not what I did

Money gives you choices

Crime is shades of grey. Crime is also grassroots, gives those without anything opportunity

The hood never lets you down, but it also never lets you leave.

We commit crimes because we can’t see the people it impacts.

It’s possible to love and hate someone at the same time. It’s tempting to want to think of some people as good, and others as bad, but that’s not how people work.